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The lingering kiss of Epstein Barr Virus?

I don’t think I will ever know if my medical journey really began during late 1989, as a result of the Epstein Barr Virus. The time for anyone knowing if that illness played any part, conclusively, has long gone by. —However, it certainly is a noteworthy event in my medical history and I would imagine a noteworthy event in other people’s medical histories too, without them even being aware of it’s potential significance.

What Have I Learnt Medically Speaking!?

“What have you learnt through the process of accessing your medical files, keeping a detailed symptom journal and collating your own medical history?” —This was the question posed to me by a Rheumatologist during 2018 … I also had one question of my own, “Did he really want my honest answer to this question?”

The absolute truth is, no doctor or any other medical professional will ever be prepared to hear my honest answer to this particular question in it’s entirety, simply because the brutally honest truth of the matter paints one mighty damning picture of modern medicine and the medical community as a whole … A topic many more patients need to break their silence on!

The Downfall of Strength!

I can’t help but wonder how many people are dismissed by healthcare professionals because they don’t allow themselves to look sick enough, complain loudly enough or wince while being poked and prodded by doctors?

Defiant strength to hide or overcome pain and physical limitations can be the greatest downfall! —No doctor will ever believe the account of my daily life I share here, simply because I hold myself strong in defiance of being labelled a malingerer and a fraud!

Sadly, I am far from alone in my strength to overcome being my greatest downfall!

Wrapping Up a Decade of Car Accidents

Just how do you wrap up a literal car crash of a decade, one that became more so of a beginning than an ending!?

Here I bring together the final wrap up of the compensation process from those three car accidents in seven years, and the stark realities of monetary compensation versus life changing injury that far outweighs any monetary value.

And as for my little man Rhys, who should never have had to endure the horrors of such a horrific car accident during 1995 at just two years of age … Let me tell you about the man he has become, where he has ended up in life and just how proud I am of his determination to become all he has.

Car Accident Number Three!? – 1996

You know, it is often thought that for a person to have had one car accident in their lifetime is bad enough, yet quite a normal occurrence given how many of us drive. To have had two car accidents in a lifetime is still not bad odds, but the words “bad luck” certainly get thrown around. —However, by the time you reach a third car accident in less than 7 years, you really do begin to wonder…

Elbow Repair, Surgical Care? – 1995

I just have to ask, “Would a surgeon, or any medical professional, be content living with pins in their arm that are literally cutting their way through the flesh — from the inside out?”

This is one of those medical scenarios where you have to wonder if there was any thought in the surgeon’s mind as to the implications of finishing off a medical procedure to such an unsatisfactory standard.