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What Have I Learnt Medically Speaking!?

“What have you learnt through the process of accessing your medical files, keeping a detailed symptom journal and collating your own medical history?” —This was the question posed to me by a Rheumatologist during 2018 … I also had one question of my own, “Did he really want my honest answer to this question?”

The absolute truth is, no doctor or any other medical professional will ever be prepared to hear my honest answer to this particular question in it’s entirety, simply because the brutally honest truth of the matter paints one mighty damning picture of modern medicine and the medical community as a whole … A topic many more patients need to break their silence on!

The Downfall of Strength!

I can’t help but wonder how many people are dismissed by healthcare professionals because they don’t allow themselves to look sick enough, complain loudly enough or wince while being poked and prodded by doctors?

Defiant strength to hide or overcome pain and physical limitations can be the greatest downfall! —No doctor will ever believe the account of my daily life I share here, simply because I hold myself strong in defiance of being labelled a malingerer and a fraud!

Sadly, I am far from alone in my strength to overcome being my greatest downfall!