But I Digress… Chronically! / butidigresschronically.com is a personal website, as such all thoughts, opinions and experiences written and expressed within each post on this website and all associated social media are mine alone.

This disclaimer covers the following aspects…

  • Medical Disclaimer
  • Mental Health Disclaimer
  • Sensitive Content
  • Defamation Disclaimer
  • Commenting & Contact

Medical Disclaimer
Please understand that the medical content on this website has been written by a person living with chronic illness, disability and the repercussions of injuries from multiple car accidents for several decades, not a medical professional.

In other words, I have NO formal medical training!

Everything I discuss on this website from a medical perspective comes from my own personal experience of living day to day with chronic illness and disability, or as a result of my own personal research in an attempt to seek answers for my own situation, in the absence of adequate medical support.

If you are under the care of a health professional or team, I advise you to seek their advice and support wherever possible, along with continuing all ongoing treatment(s). In essence, please be guided by those who do have formal medical training, along with full details of your personal circumstances.

If you do not have adequate medical support I advise you to seek that support from medical professionals wherever possible. In the event that this is not possible or is problematic for whatever reason, please do your own thorough research before accepting another person’s experience or thoughts as credible regarding illness, injury, disability or medical treatment (including mine).

Professional diagnosis should always be sought well ahead of self-diagnosis.

Mental Health Disclaimer
I have to be honest and say, I really don’t enjoy beginning any written piece of work with a Mental Health Disclaimer, nonetheless it is occasionally required, and very much valid for many pieces I have written and chosen to publish here on this website, along with all associated social media.

In a world where life can be unduly challenging, painful, chaotic, unpredictable, overwhelming and extremely heartbreaking … I  believe very strongly that many of the subjects I write about and publish online, are subjects which — MUST — be discussed openly and honestly as a means of showing support and understanding toward one another.

Support and understanding that is often found in sharing our personal stories, from one human soul to another as lived experience!

While some content on this website and associated social media requires no form of Mental Health Disclaimer at all, there is other content that may include, but is not limited to, the Mental Health Aspects of…

  • Chronic Illness
  • Disability
  • Anxiety
  • Loneliness
  • Suicide
  • Toxic Family Dynamics
  • Abusive Relationships
  • Religious Abuse
  • And … Mental Health in General

Sensitive content which is based on my own personal experiences, observations and conversations with other people.

I am in — NO WAY — a Mental Health or Medical Professional.

I most certainly — DO NOT — claim to have any expertise or formal training in any of these areas.

As such, NOTHING written here on But I Digress… Chronically!, or any of the associated social media, should be taken as any form of professional advice or expert knowledge beyond my own personal lived experience and opinions therein.

Some people may find specific content on this website and associated social media distressing or emotionally charged in a way that it causes their own painful experiences to rise to the surface, causing them to relive those experience(s).

If you do find any of the content here on this website, or any of the associated social media to be excessively distressing, I would ask that you please reach out to a supportive family member, friend or medical professional in your life.

Alternatively, please contact any number of the Mental Health Support Networks that are now widely available, both online and in many communities throughout the world.

If you are currently receiving professional care for any form of mental health condition please be guided by your medical professional(s) and seek support as it is required.

Additionally, in outlining the latter — I take NO responsibility whatsoever — for the mental health or wellbeing of any person who chooses to read the content here on But I Digress… Chronically!, or any of the associated social media.

Please be kind to yourself, along with all those you cross paths with throughout this journey we call life!

Every single one of us have a story within that no other person will ever have the opportunity to read the entirety of. None of us fully understanding the true depth of the blessings and curses that each of us have encountered from one footstep to the next; along the paths of our uniquely individual journeys.   

Sensitive Content
At times the content of this website and associated social media will include sensitive matters in relation to medical scenarios, symptoms of illness, traumatic events,
patient advocacy, healthcare inefficiency and my personal life in general, including personal relationships.

I take NO responsibility should anyone — CHOOSE — to take offence due to any published content, be it medical, relational, societal, political or any other form of opinion based upon my own personal experience, understanding and beliefs.

Nor will I make any apologies for any offence taken by my readers regarding any subject I choose to write about, in particular based on my own life and personal experiences through sharing my personal story.

Defamation Disclaimer
Every effort will be made to conceal the identity of any person(s) outside my immediate family, such as medical professionals and any person I may be estranged from.

However, should any person believe their identity to be revealed, unfavourably so, through intimate knowledge of any given situation, I make — NO apologies — for simply speaking the truth of the life I have lived.

To any person who feels they have been wrongfully portrayed and are justified in seeking reparation in some form or another, I will simply say — Sue Me!

I have nothing of value in this life to pay any form of monetary compensation, and you simply cannot get blood out of the proverbial stone!

Quite frankly however, you would be doing me a great service in providing me with the opportunity to fully break the torturous silence that has held me perpetually captive within a mental and emotional prison, for what is now decades; as a means of protecting specific people in my life.

Honestly, it would be my wholly cathartic pleasure to bare my soul in a court room, finally revealing the full truth of many of the events and circumstances of my life. —In a way that creates a public record that will remain long after you and I depart this world!

In terms of any potential social or behind closed doors retribution, backlash or punishment…

You simply cannot break what has already been entirely broken to pieces, beyond repair, through the varying forms of abuse, toxic relationships, manipulation, control and punishments that I, and a great many other people, have been forced to endure for decades at a time and survived. —The kinds of blatant displays of cruel intent by wolves who dress themselves far too well in sheep’s clothing, as seemingly upstanding members of society who are well above reproach; which they most certainly are not.

Any social retribution, backlash or punishment toward me, as the woman I was forced to become to survive such abuse and the impact of various toxic associations, will simply result in the entire truth being fully exposed in the form of a series of published “Tell All Confessional Memoir” pieces.

The latter, being especially relevant should anyone choose to paint me as their abuser, and themselves as my victim … As is the classic toxic way of these kinds of people crying victim, when the target and survivor of their toxic and abusive behaviour eventually finds enough strength to free themselves. —Finally screaming out, “No More!”, before cutting off the abuser’s supply of perverse pleasure derived from the survivor’s reactions to their toxic and abusive behaviours.

Defamation requires untruths, with the only untruth published on this website and associated social media, being…

The withholding and watering down of the full relational toxicity and abuse that has taken place throughout my life. Along with the true extent of the scars that so very painfully gape open, weep and ooze beneath the surface of — the lie — of the public persona I am forced to uphold … Specifically for the wellbeing of my loved ones, and the comfort of all those I interact with in day to day life. 

Commenting & Contact
Due to the sensitive nature of some content, there will be posts for which I may choose to disable comments on, both on this website and any of the associated social media.

If you do have something you would like to say regarding any content I have disabled comments on, please do feel free to contact me via email at butidigress@protonmail.com, or direct message me through any of the associated social media platforms.

Please note that comments posted which come across as deliberately insensitive or  inflammatory toward myself or any other person who has commented will be removed.

I ask that anyone who cannot view the sensitive content on this website or associated social media posts and comments with the respect that sensitive subjects are due, please move on to another website that is better suited to you.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.